Open-air lessons as part of the UFAR preparatory course

By Arman Arshak-Shahbazyan (prep course 2018-2019 and admitted to the Faculty of Finance in 2019)


The French University in Armenia is unique in many aspects and even students enrolled in the preparatory course had the chance to enjoy this peculiarity of the University. 

English prep group N5 was so eager to continue their studies that after the course was officially over, a decision was made to have a number of open-air lessons in Tumanyan park.

The English language instructor of the group, Ms. Anna, thinks that outdoor studies contribute to the development of a close rapport inside the group which in its turn enhances the productivity of the lessons: "Fresh and fragrant air, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, pre-exam mood: all these factors made up an excellent blend resulting in a successful teaching and learning process. Moreover, informal classes have been an indispensable part of our studies throughout the year. My students took part in various didactic games and fun contests, book discussions, short film presentations and international holiday celebrations."

  The students point out that they were looking forward to their English classes as each lesson was out of the ordinary and highly informative: "As for the open-air lessons, they helped us get to know each other's personality and foster our bonds of friendship. Our command of the language was improved by the tests we wrote and discussed in the park. Not only did we write tests, but also played didactic games, discussed various interesting topics and just had a lot of fun." 

"How did I benefit from our outdoor lessons? In a number of ways: friendship, mutual respect, comprehensive knowledge of the language... I enjoyed every minute of our lessons and do hope that these bonds of friendship will be long-lasting."