European Projects

European Projects

UFAR coordinates European Tempus and Erasmus + projects


Since 2014, the French University in Armenia has been coordinating the project of ''Quality assurance and recognition of transnational education in Armenia and Georgia''. The project aims to develop a system and mechanisms to ensure the quality of transnational higher education, to be applied in Armenia and Georgia.

The program includes 19 institutions from Belgium, Germany, Armenia, United Kingdom, Georgia and France as well as Armenian and Georgian Ministries of Education and Science.


Since 2016, the French University in Armenia coordinates the project "Promoting internationalization of research through establishment and operationalization
of cycle 3 quality assurance system in line with the European integration" (C3QA). The project consortium includes 21 institutions from Armenia, Belgium, France, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Poland and Ukraine, including higher education institutions, quality assurance structures and the Ministries of Education and Science of Armenia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Ukraine. 

The purpose of the C3QA project is to develop and test the conceptual framework and instrumentation of Cycle 3 education, in particular the quality of PhD programs, as well as practical mechanisms and procedures that will then be applied in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Ukraine.





UFAR is part of the UNESCO Chairs' Network for Education, Training and Research for Sustainable Development, which brings together 21 Francophone Universities worldwide.