Master in Artificial Intelligence

The French University in Armenia is launching a new Master in Artificial Intelligence, in partnership with the University of Toulouse III Paul Sabatier. This Master in Artificial Intelligence offers high-level scientific and technical education to meet the needs of industry and research at the national and international levels. The program seeks to identify, among the technological innovations, those that are the most promising in order to prepare students for them and enable the students to adapt to the rapid evolution of information and communication technologies.

Why develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) at UFAR?

Systems with Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing many areas of computing, such as digital imaging (image processing, analysis and recognition, computer vision), computer graphics (analysis of 3D acquisitions, 2D and 3D image synthesis), natural language processing (translation, Chabot’s, ...), information retrieval (search engines, social networks), video games, robotics, e-commerce (recommendation, product configuration), massive data processing. The commonalities between these different domains are the two pillars of modern AI: machine learning, and in particular neural networks, on the one hand, and knowledge representation and reasoning on the other hand.

The objective of the Master in Artificial Intelligence is to bring students to a high-level command of these foundations and to develop their expertise in accordance with the issues available in the important application areas and their social and industrial impacts.

Starting from a core of general education, the MCS in SAI offers professional subjects of further expertise:

  • Representation, processing and access to structured data and text-based information, data management and their transformation into usable knowledge,
  • Specific treatment for digital imaging, 3D graphics, and audio-visual content,
  • Integration of AI in robotic systems, by going deeper into the vision and interaction aspects with speech and natural language.

The courses provided during the MCS are consistent with international standards described in Curriculum of Computer Science developed by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), which is a guarantee for a long-term validity and international recognition of the competences acquired by students enabling them to sustain in an ever evolving sector. Being both science and technology Computer Science education requires a large amount of practical learning and students will learn in the new Master through a significant volume of practice (about one-third of teaching time), especially with industrial projects (real project developed with corporations).

In addition to technical and scientific classes, this program gives great importance to foreign languages. While technical courses are taught in English, learning French is compulsory for all the students. The concern of UFAR is to open its students to the world, while anchoring them in the Francophone world. The multilingualism of Ufarians is particularly sought after by companies.

The graduates by completing of the MCS in SAI will simultaneously obtain two diplomas recognized by the State (Armenian and French/European). We would like to remind to you that UFAR is also a founding partner within the ecosystem of the EU TUMO Convergence Center for Engineering and Applied Sciences. UFAR faculty for Computer Science and Applied Mathematics is one of the key parts of the Convergence Center.

Fees for the 2021-2022 academic year:

Master 1 – 1.300.000 AMD

Master 2 – 1.500.000 AMD

UFAR graduates can be eligible for merit-based academic scholarships alongside with Tuition Assistance (TA) program, whereas external candidates will have an opportunity to apply to merit-based academic scholarships only from the second semester.

Admission requirements in Master 2021-2022:

Admission to the master is subject to the following conditions.

Applicants must submit the complete application  according to the schedule set by UFAR. Applications submitted after the set deadlines will be deemed ineligible.

Candidates must particularly:

• A bachelor degree or equivalent (180 ECTS or 240 ECTS) in a French, Armenian or foreign HEI with the specialization of the requested Master or at least 3 years of experience if the requested master differs from the awarded degree. Both the diploma and the transcript need to be presented. 

• justify a B2 level in English (Common European Framework of Reference or equivalent):

IELTS Academic: minimum 6,5 with no individual band score lower than 6,0
TOEFL minimum 79 with no individual band score lower than 19
Cambridge Assessment English 

BEC Higher
  • Letter of Motivation (in English)
  • CV in English (Europass format)
  • The invoice/payment slip of the administrative fee (25,000 drams). This amount is deductible from tuition fees in the event of admission, refundable in the event of non-admission but non-refundable in the event of withdrawal.

Admission can take into consideration:  

  • academic results  
  • motivation letter 
  • description of the professional project of the candidate 
  • an interview 

Transcripts of your results must provide evidence of:

  • 80 ECTS in computer science or information technologies, 15 ECTS in mathematics, 10 ECTS in internships, projects or thesis work.
  • If the candidate comes from a non-ECTS country, evidence of equivalent qualifications and experience should be provided.

Completed applications can be submitted:

  • directly to UFAR office N 107 from August 23rd to September 8th on weekdays from 11:00 till 17:30 to Mrs. Armine Babayan,
  • by email from July 29th till September 8th until 17:30 to

This admission process and conditions are specified by the UFAR Master Degree Admission Regulations.

The commission sends the final list of the admitted candidates to both establishments.

For this course UFAR aims to recruit around 40 students each year.

Application form 2021-2022

Admission conditions 2021-2022