Let's invest in Armenian youth, in the future of Armenia

"Armenia in crisis! When Armenia goes through a health, economic, political, and military crisis, everyone must take their responsibilities. In the field of higher education, institutions find themselves managing the growing precariousness of families, preventing them from meeting the costs of their children's studies. In extreme cases, students find themselves in a situation of severe poverty. This financial fragility is sometimes coupled with certain isolation and recurring health problems. At UFAR, we have 7 students who are fatherless and motherless.

So we can always complain and once again do nothing. Faced with such a drama, we sometimes see moralizing comments appearing that make “ethical blah blah”, uttering incantatory moralizing speeches but disembodied of the slightest substance.

On the contrary, UFAR has decided to set up a concrete emergency plan in 2020 to help families and therefore our students. Thus, this year we have awarded social scholarships to 26.26% of our students, increasing the number of recipients from 183 in 2019 to 308 in 2020. Also, we are continuing our system of merit scholarships awarded per semester. In 2020, UFAR awarded merit scholarships to 29.42% of its students. This unprecedented effort would not have been possible without the UFAR community and in particular our patrons: the Embassy of France, the Armenian Government, AGBU, Amundi ACBA, ACBA Crédit Agricole Bank, the Yezeguelian Foundation, the city of Lyon, Sigest editions, the Tchobanian Institute. Let's invest in Armenian youth, in the future of Armenia with UFAR."

Prof. Bertrand Venard