Professional Internship

Professional Internship

Internship is a profitable collaboration opportunity for the enterprise, students and the university.

- For an enterprise internship is an opportunity to develop a project, conduct a research, or improve the quality of service,

- For students internship is an opportunity to understand the challenges of the chosen profession and to adapt to the labor market environment,

-For the University internship is an opportunity to develop closer collaboration with the business world and adapt academic programs to the needs of the labor market.

The internship in France and abroad is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the activities of European enterprises. It is also a means of development of personal and cultural relations as well as the ties with the Diaspora.

Every year more than 60 students carry out their internship abroad, especially in France.

It has already been for 14 years that every October or November, the University traditionally holds a Forum of Organizations. This Forum has become a meeting place for the most active Armenian enterprises and their future interns and students of the UFAR. It is also a means of employment for graduates.


Deployment of interns in France by cities, 2017




The internship booklet