Faculty of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

Goals and working perspectives

Started from September 2018 the UFAR has launched a new Faculty of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (IMA). During the first two years of the bachelor's degree, students will acquire fundamental knowledge in the fields of theoretical and applied mathematics, computer science, as well as economic awareness and accounting. A major effort will also be made in the learning of languages ​​including French, but also English and Russian.

From the third year, they will deepen their knowledge in the fields of programming (algorithmic, functional, web), database processing, data analysis, human-machine interaction, Machine Learning, cryptography, image processing, artificial intelligence and other disciplines in the field of mathematics and computer science.

The academic partnership for this faculty is built with Paul Sabatier University Toulouse 3.

This program is based on the in-depth partnership between the IT Research Institute of Toulouse (IRIT) www.irit.fr, the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the Institute for Research in Automatics and Computer Science of the Republic of Armenia.

From the first year of the program, it allows integrating the innovative project management and entrepreneurship dimension through a partnership with the TUMO creative technology center.

When completing the program the students will be awarded a double state diploma: Armenian and French.

  • Graduates of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics can work as:
  • Programmers (algorithms, web, functions)
  • IT engineer Project / Product Manager in the IT sector
  • Specialist and data analyst (Big data, data mining, machine learning)

Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics IMA: Mrs. Kristina Sargsyan

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Fees for the 2019-2020 academic year

Faculty of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics:

(for students of Armenian nationality)


1st year - 1 030 000 AMD

2nd year - 1 055 000 AMD

3rd year - 1 090 000 AMD

4th year - 1 125 000 AMD

(for International students)


1st year  – 4500 EUR

2nd year – 4635 EUR

3rd year – 4775 EUR

4th year – 4917 EUR 

Registration fees

Tuition fees can be paid per semester.

For the fall of 2020, the Faculty of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics offers a four-year Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.


Licence A

Licence 1

Licence 2

Licence 3

Master in Artificial Intelligence