France Alumni

On the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, Campus France has designed France Alumni: a powerful multilingual digital platform to federate, inform and direct international students who have passed through French higher education.

France Alumni encompasses women and men who find themselves around a common point: France. A network of alumni and professionals who use the tools at their disposal to inform, share, advance.

Within thematic groups, you will be able to interact with the members of the network. Just log in and add your comments to those of other participants.

You can also initiate a discussion on a topic that interests the alumni community and become a director of a group.

France Alumni has various advantages such as:

·        thematic groups to create links

·        an essential directory to guide you in the network of Alumni

·        a magazine space to stay connected to France

·        comprehensive services to boost your career

·        prestigious partnerships to multiply opportunities


France Alumni Arménie website