Graduate Studies (MA)


The aim of the UFAR graduate studies is to educate qualified professionals who meet the requirements of the Armenian labor market and to endow the latter with the opportunity to exercise their skills and knowledge for the development of Armenia. Students acquire management skills, being capable of managing teams and advancing to leading positions.

Experts of an array of fields teach at graduate level; among those French lecturers, candidates of sciences and doctors, professionals from social-economic walks. Their teaching injects necessary professional skills into the academic process, which facilitates students’ recruitment.

Duration of study

Education in the Master's Degree is 2 years.


Graduate studies are carried out with the following 3 specializations: Marketing, Finance, and International Business Law.

  • The aim of the graduate study in Marketing is to prepare qualified professionals in the fields of trade, marketing, sales and communication.
  • The aim of the graduate study in Finance is to prepare qualified personnel who would work in banks, financial institutions, insurance, audit and other companies.
  • The aim of the graduate study inInternational Business Law is to prepare lawyers to work in trade and industrial chambers, financial or international institutions. They may engage in legal counseling or advocate activities.


Applicants must:

  • have a full mastery in French (B2 level of the CEFR);
  • have an undergraduate/Licence diploma in the relevant field.

The admission of UFAR Licence graduates to graduate studies is carried out according to an internal charter (admission according to academic achievement or examination of portfolio).

Graduates of other universities, regardless of their diploma and work experience, are enrolled in UFAR and Jean Moulin Lyon 3 universities through a written exam and an interview.

Those having an undergraduate (Licence) or graduate degree in French Language and Literature can be admitted to graduate studies in Marketing and Trade if:

• they have at least two years of experience in marketing or trade.

• they successfully finish preparatory courses for graduate studies and pass  entrance exams.


Application to Graduate Admission (for external applicants)

Application to Graduate Admission (for internal applicants)

Graduate Admission Requirements (for internal applicants)

Graduate Admission Requirements (for internal applicants)