Undergraduate Studies (BA)

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The aim of undergraduate academic programmes (hereinafter referred to as AP) is to provide basic knowledge and specialization in the field of vocational education that will allow the graduates to succeed in middle-income positions.


The duration of the study is 4 years.


The UFAR aims to train intelligent, broad-minded professionals in the Faculties of Management, Finance, Law, Marketing, IT and Applied Mathematics and enable the latter to adapt to international challenges.

The admission process to undergraduate studies consists of the below-given exams:




Duration of the exam


Social Sciences

2 hours

Foreign Language (French, English or German)

2 hours


3 hours

Management, Marketing, Finance


3 hours

Foreign Language (French, English or German)

2 hours


3 hours

IT and Applied Mathematics

Advanced Mathematics

4 hours

Foreign Language (French, English or German)

2 hours


Calender of entrance exams

Tests  of 2019

The Armenian Language

Social Sciences

Mathematics (Faculties of Management, Marketing, Finance) (test)

Mathematics (MMF) (keys)

Mathematics IMA (test)

Mathematics IMA (keys)

French (test)

French (keys)

English (test)

English (keys)

German (test)

German (keys)


Deadline for submitting documents:

From May 15 to June 15, 2019, from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 16:00.

It is necessary to submit the following documents:

Application form (download)

• A copy of a secondary education certificate or a document, certifying the fact that the applicant is a 12-grade pupil

• Two photos 3x4 size

• A copy of the passport or identification card, with the original being presented as well.

• Military record sheet

• Receipt for payment for the admission of the document (7200 AMD)

• Document verifying the selection of elective disciplines.


Address: 10 Davit Anhaght, Yerevan 0037

Phone (010) 24 96 47

E-mail: address: commnication@ufar.am

Admission Regulation 2020