Scholarships and Social Assisstance

Scholarships and Social Assistance to UFAR Students

In line with existing regulations, the UFAR provides scholarships and social assistance to the students of the UFAR with the support of the French Embassy in Armenia, the Armenian General Benevolent Union, AAAS (l’action d’aides sociales arméniennes) and the Union des avocats francophones.


Law on Social Assistance

The Law on Higher Education of the Republic of Armenia allows for the establishment of social assistance in higher education institutions. The Article 6.4.1 of the RA Law on Higher and Postgraduate Professional Education, stipulates that: "At least seven per cent of student tuition fees must be directed to a partial compensation of at least 10% of students, based on their own high-performance and social group”.


There are two types of student scholarships available at UFAR:

  • The first is a merit-based scholarship allowing the best student to benefit from a 25, 50 to 100% discount each semester. In 2016, more than 140 students have benefited from the merit-based scholarship.
  • The second is the social assistance. The Commission examines each student's application, singling out various criteria; family social status, single-parent students, disabled students or the ones having undergone military situations, students from close-to-the-border areas, and the ones from families having more than one child studying at the UFAR. This year more than 80 students have benefited from the above-mentioned social assistance.